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Settegast Intermodal yard is located in the north east section of Houston, Texas. This very congested yard was to be expanded with a new gate facility and new loading pads were to be constructed in existing paved areas. The yard throughput was planned to double over a ten year period. Much of the existing paving was showing signs of severe degradation. Trailers and containers were moved around the yard using hustlers and lifting was undertaken by travellifts and side loaders dependent upon location within the yard. Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. were appointed to undertake condition surveys of the paving, non destructive testing using a Falling Weight Deflectometer and to prepare design sections and specifications for the new paving. Both new paving and overlaying existing pavement in areas where grades permit the increase in elevation were considered. Design alternatives included concrete paver surfaced roller compacted concrete and Portland cement concrete pavement. New trailer parking areas were to be constructed with an asphalt concrete surface. The proposed expansion has not yet taken place.


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