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Nigel Nixon and Partners is an international firm of Consulting Engineers who work on a wide variety of projects worldwide. We have been established in the United Kingdom for over twenty years, and have built on our reputation as leaders in the field of heavy duty pavement design. We now undertake a diverse range of projects in all fields of civil engineering.

Nigel Nixon and Partners were incorporated in the United States in 1994 owing to the expanding workload in North and Central America. This work was undertaken from the UK during the previous decade. Our location in Dallas enables us to provide a superior level of responsiveness to our clients and facilitates communication and travel. The scope of services offered by our US office relate to all areas of pavement design, appraisal and investigation. Our specialism in heavy duty paving in ports, airports, and intermodal facilities enables us to provide a unique service to such clients. Our expertise with unit paving systems has won us international recognition and we are often invited to present technical papers in publications or at conferences. We are frequently consulted regarding the design of architectural paving systems using both natural and manufactured paving materials. Our experience with different pavement systems and materials has also resulted in our employment as expert witnesses and involvement in product research.

In order to provide the highest level of expertise, the staff and consultants of Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. come from a wide background within the paving industry. This includes personnel with backgrounds in design, construction, fabrication and manufacture. Many of our resources have worked internationally such that we can offer a broad view of alternate systems and approaches.

We pride ourselves on our speed and quality of response to client requirements and consider that client relationships are very important. We therefore take considerable care to ensure that each project is progressed by the appropriate director so that the end result fully meets with our client’s satisfaction. Our commercial approach to design enables us to fully appreciate the constraints under which many of today’s projects take place. As such, we take care to achieve cost-effective solutions by exploring all possibilities, while also maintaining the integrity of the design.

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