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Papers written by Keith ABRAHAM:


Papers written by Mark SMALLRIDGE:

  • Ports ’10 – “RCC a success at Mobile Container Terminal”; 2010, by Mark Smallridge and Mohsen Elbaz
  • ASCP 2009 – “Sensitivity in Pavement Design”; 2009, by Mark Smallridge
  • SEPT 2006 – “Paving Over Problem Substrates for Roof Deck and Structural Slab Applications”; 2006, by Mark Smallridge
  • Pavement Performance Revisited – Marine Civil engineering Heavy Duty Paving  – Port Strategy June/July 2006 by Nigel Nixon and  Mark Smallridge
  • Ports 04 – “Different Equipment Requires Different Pavements” Development of the Pavement Sections for the Proposed Bayport Container Terminal”; 2004, by Mark Smallridge
  • Ports 01 – “The ASCE Port and Intermodal Yard Pavement Design Guide”; 2001,  by Mark Smallridge and Ashebir Jacob
  • Ports 01 – “Latest High-Tech Installation Methods Minimize Interlocking Concrete Paver (ICP) Construction Costs and Speed Project Delivery of Marine Terminal Pavements”; 2004, by Mark Smallridge and Noel P. Walsh
  • Ports 98 – “Pavement Construction for Pier 300 at the Port of Los Angeles”; 1998, by Mark Smallridge and Ashebir Jacob
  • Pave New Zealand – “Tensile Splitting Of Concrete Pavers”; 1992, by Mark Smallridge and Richard Bodie.
  • Airports 1991 – “DFW Concrete Block Pavement Taxiway Construction”; 1991, by Jo Lary, Richard Petit, and Mark Smallridge
  • Polluted and Marginal Land 90 – “Case Study of Ground Treatment by Vibrodisplacement at a Paper Store in Immingham”; 1990, by Mark Smallridge and David Johnson


Papers written by Nigel NIXON:

  • Paving the way ahead for terminals – Port Strategy 2019
  • How and why non-traditional generic pavements are taking hold in the wet and dry port sector and how port paving should accommodate the growing need for densification and automation Ports Conference Charleston 2018
  • Cement Bound Materials are making a comeback in Port Pavements
  • Back to Basics Port Strategy April 2010
  • Dynamic Structural Monitoring for condition assessment and life cycle management of Port Facility Structures
  • Pavement Performance Revisited – Marine Civil engineering Heavy Duty Paving  – Port Strategy June/July 2006 by Nigel Nixon and  Mark Smallridge
  • Minimising pavement failures – lessons learnt from previous mistakes.-Ports Infrastructure and Equipment, Half day meeting, Institution of Civil Engineers, London January 29th 2002 sponsored by PIANC and the ICE Maritime
  • How to procure best buy in port pavements-Examining Tradiitonal vs. Design and Build –TOC 2001 Americas, Miami.
  • Developing intermodalism in Mexico-Intermodal ’95 conference-Amsterdam 1995
  • New Paving designs and materials –breaking tradition- National conference on the intermodal freight terminal of the future – New Orleans 1994
  • Storage Minimization and Planned Delivery of Paper by Ship, rail and road – rationalized Transportation of Paper from the Producer to the User – Ro-Ro 1994 Conference Gothenberg
  • Pavement Design and performance assessment for new container terminals-Seville Spain 1994.
  • A Ro-Ro future for old quays and Port facilities in Western and third world situations-Ro-Ro ’88 conference-Gothenberg
  • The latest developments in Port paving design and materials-Nanjing Port Seminar China ’87
  • New developments in Paving Design for Ro-Ro terminals, citing application of the latest Technologies in the USA and UK – Ro-Ro ‘86 Conference Gothenberg
  • The commercial aspects of pavement construction for Ro-Ro and container operations. -RO-RO ’84 Conference Nice
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