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North Bergen Yard is situated in New Jersey and is an important transhipment center for UPS couriers. The site was formerly a rail yard with numerous sidings and a roundhouse. It was converted into an intermodal yard in the seventies, by abandoning many of the sidings and constructing pavement for the loading pads. There are currently two main loading pads with track either side. Trailers and containers are moved around the yard using hustlers and lifted using side loaders. The yard paving was in a very poor condition and remedial measures were undertaken to the busiest areas in 1996. These works were short lived and Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. were appointed to undertake an investigation into the existing site conditions. Our scope was subsequently extended to include the design of a major pavement rehabilitation. The new pavement section consisted of a base course comprising cement stabilization of the existing pavement, and the surfacing was new asphalt concrete. Construction was completed in 1997.


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