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The Port of Long Beach developed a new marine container terminal and intermodal yard for Hanjin Shipping Lines during 1996-97, in Long Beach, California. The yard is situated on land which was previously used for oil extraction and storage. Clean-up and filling works were carried out prior to construction. The yard is laid out with four loading pads serving eight working tracks.. Operations will be by side loaders and hustlers. Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. were appointed to review the geotechnical conditions and traffic operations, and to prepare designs for the paving. The marine terminal was being constructed with a stone mastic asphalt on aggregate base pavement and this form of construction was also to be used in the intermodal yard. The final pavement design utilized geogrid reinforcement in the aggregate base to minimize the encroachment of the pavement section into the saturated and contaminated subgrade layers. The pavement was constructed in 1997 and was subsequently utilized for block stacking of containers from the marine terminal. Rail operations are planned to commence in late 1998.



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