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Cicero intermodal yard is located in the south east section of Chicago, Illinois. The yard is a combination of two existing, separate yards, Ceco and Ogden, either side of the mainline track. The facility is to undergo major modifications in the Ogden yard by removing current tracks and paving and constructing eight new working tracks and loading pads serviced by travellifts. Half of all lifts could be undertaken by side loaders or reach stackers. Trailer movements around the yard will be by hustlers. Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. were appointed to review the geotechnical information and predicted trafficking, and to make recommendations for new pavement section. Materials to be considered included asphalt concrete over a granular base, Portland cement concrete and concrete pavers on a roller compacted concrete base. The use of aggregate surfacing was also considered in container stacking and trailer parking areas. Implementation of the construction works has been delayed.


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