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Nigel is Chairman of Nigel Nixon and Partners Inc; Chairman of Nigel Nixon Consultancy Ltd and Managing Director of Martindale McAndrew. He specialises in ports globally and has advised on more than seventy wet and dry ports worldwide. A chartered civil engineer and PE in the USA, Nigel has particular experience in port and maritime design, asset management, construction and infrastructure procurement, having managed port-related projects for over 42 years. He is fully conversant with planning, designing, managing, constructing and commissioning both major and minor port projects worldwide.

He is often advising on best infrastructure procurement in the marine sector and has undertaken a number of value engineering projects where cost certainty and owner risks have been threatened.

He is also active in procuring project finance and bringing together specialist teams to give best cost effective and value advice.
Nigel is also active in port action learning programs and is a regular maritime speaker and has authored a number of relevant papers