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Mark Smallridge, President and Paving Lead of NNP, contributed to PIANC Report No. 165-2015 – Design and Maintenance of Container Terminal Pavements. In 2023 he joined Working Group 243 in the preparation of the update for this report, to be titled Design Maintenance and Sustainability of Container Terminal Pavements. PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure that issues technical reports on a wide range of topics related to waterborne transport infrastructure. In October 2023, Mark attended the working groups meeting in Algeciras, Spain, with 9 other members of the group to discuss the progress on the updated report. In particular, Mark is involved in sections related to maintenance and extending pavement life without the need for full reconstruction and sustainability from the employers’ perspective. The report is expected to be published around the end of 2024, early 2025. Mark is honored to be part of this group and for the recognition of his expert knowledge in this field.