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NNP Inc have been engaged as strategic advisors to LA23 Development Company (LA23) for the implementation of the container terminal that forms part of the Louisiana’s Gateway Terminal development in the Plaquemines Parish, South of the City of New Orleans. NNP have undertaken an independent commercial study to validate the viability of the project and have developed a masterplan for the phased implementation and full build out of a container facility that will ultimately provide eight berths for ocean container vessels and river container barges, and a container terminal of approximately 200 acres. NNP have also provided technical support for some of the project’s specifics that have required early consideration such as the supply of LPG to fuel some of the proposed vessels.

NNP with its partner Coastal Engineering Solutions are leading a team including Lanier and Associates, Cardno, Fugro, Baird and the Maritime Pilots Institute to undertake the necessary investigations and studies to support the process of obtaining the US Corps of Engineers permits for the initial phase.

In order to achieve the completion phase one in the best possible time, NNP, in association with Volkert, have undertaken and RQQ / RFP process to select the best possible contractor partner. The appointment of the successful contractor is key to the overall project delivery. This Progressive Design Build approach allows the successful contractor to be part of the implementation team at the earliest possible time, driving the development the design, managing the project risk and ensuring a buildable design to provide a cost certain design build proposal, prior to starting on site.