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Construction work is scheduled to complete in late 2022 on a 21.5-acre empty container and chassis yard, for C&C Houston Bayport (C&C). C&C is a joint venture between Medlog SA and Integrated Industries Corporation.

NNP Inc are employed as Owner’s Representative and are also engaged as specialist pavement designers. Jacobs (civil design), Hatch (electrical design) and BECC (Geotechnical) are part of NNP team delivering the project.

NNP Inc have assisted C&C through a number of operational layouts and cost models on two different sites to find the optimum value for money project. Early work also included assistance on lease negotiations with the landowner and the identification critical off-site matters that needed addressing to make the project deliverable.

After leading the effort to undertake geotechnical and topographical surveys and driving the Owner’s Requirement [OR] design to minimize Owner risk, NNP managed the RFQ and bid process to a limited list of pre-selected contractors.

The successful contractor (R.T.Milord of Illinois) was selected for the best and most innovative proposal, the ability to take risk from Owner to Contractor and to deliver cost certainty with minimal qualifications to the OR.

The schedule set out to C&C at the beginning of the process has hit every critical milestone, ensuring no creep to the Owner’s intended operational start.