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Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. is actively involved in all aspects of pavement design and appraisal.  We have undertaken the design of pavements in ports, intermodal rail yards, airports, freight distribution centers, passenger transit facilities, industrial and residential sub-divisions, automotive terminals, public plazas and parks amongst many other locations.  Environmental conditions have varied from hot climates such as Mexico City to cold climates such as Calgary and from wet to dry.  Appraisal work has included condition surveys and the design of remedial measures for paving in similar applications.

Our aim is to provide the most suitable, cost-effective and low maintenance pavement within client expectations.  As such, our work frequently involves direction of site investigations to establish design parameters relevant to paving design.  Undertaking condition surveys and organizing non destructive and destructive testing of existing pavements is necessary for remedial measures and the design of overlays or inlays.  Assessment of the traffic loading and operational requirements can also be carried out to develop the appropriate design input.

Each project has different paving requirements involving the use of traditional and new paving systems and materials.  We typically examine the use of alternative paving materials and construction methods.  This is particularly relevant with regional variations in materials availability and costs, together with local construction experience and capabilities.  As well as undertaking the design of traditional paving systems such as asphalt concrete on aggregate base or Portland cement concrete we examine the potential for alternative systems and materials such as lime, cement or bitumen stabilization, roller compacted concrete and concrete pavers.  Steel fiber reinforcement, polymer additives, geotextiles and geogrids are also potential solutions.

Budget pricing of alternative systems is often required to make a final selection of the  pavement for a particular project.  In other situations it is important to establish the whole life cost of a pavement and so a life cycle cost analysis is undertaken.  In such an analysis it is necessary to determine the client’s perception of serviceability, and his ability to undertake routine and other maintenance.

Nigel Nixon and Partners, Inc. frequently develop the materials and workmanship specifications and construction details for the client’s local engineer or architect to incorporate into the contract documents.  We can then assist in bid appraisal and, if required, provide site observation services.

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