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NNP offers a broad spectrum of expert consultancy services ranging from conception to completion and operation of port development projects. The scope of these services covers:

Commercial Due Diligence

  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trade Forecasts & Flow Analysis
  • Industry Insights
  • Regulatory & legislative review

Strategic Advice

  • Aquisition Assessment
  • Site Identification & Assessment
  • Master & Business planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Post-Transaction Advice

Technical Due Diligence

  • CAPEX Due Diligence: Condition Assessment
    • Capacity analysis
    • Development plan
    • Risk analysis
  • OPEX Due Diligence: Operational modeling
    • Risk analysis

Port Development and Technical Services

  • Reviewing Operational Layouts, Engineering Drawings and Specifications
  • Construction/Project Reviews/Audits for Employers and Contractors
  • Technical and Operational Due Diligence Studies for Port Owners and Lending Institutions
  • Port planning for general cargo and container ports
  • Technical and due diligence reviews for lending institutions and port operators
  • Reviewing operational layouts, engineering drawings and specifications
  • Project start-up on behalf of the Client in selection of consultants, preparation of design briefs etc
  • Specialist in container terminal developments in quay construction and heavy-duty pavements
  • Preparation and reviewing the civil works design briefs for port projects
  • Peer review the Consultants documentation for tender documents in particular assisting in preparation of the Employer’s Requirements, definition and illustrative drawings for D&C tenders
  • Review and prepare pre-qualification and evaluation documents for selection of Contractors
  • Assist in the evaluation of Tenders and negotiations with Tenderers
  • Checking all the award documentation to make sure that everything is covered
  • During construction, provide advices on construction and assist in resolving disputes.
  • Project Management services
  • Conducting Port Engineer training courses/seminars
Terminal Port Planning